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A content documentation.

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General Information. In case you are new to this page, it is recommended to visit this topic first.

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An image gallery.

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Covers the juristic aspects.

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Some Magic-CTF Videos.

Playguide »

Visit this for some tips & tricks on how to play.

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Giving credits to all contributors.

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Find the newest releases ready for download here.

About Us »

About the main developers(LMD and KGM). Contact information is included, too.

Magic-CTF is a new, magically themed CTF Engine & Game for Minetest Servers.

Minetest is a free software game engine currently under development to create various games based on voxel gameplay, inspired by InfiniMiner, Minecraft, and the like. Minetest was originally created by Perttu Ahola (alias “celeron55”).

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